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Doctor Joyce

Dr. Joyce received her Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Clinical Nutrition degrees from the University of Bridgeport. She is a holistic provider who treats the entire system, not  just symptoms.  After 20  years in private practice she has created a unique approach that includes cranial sacral, SOT, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, yoga therapy, kinesio taping, stress reduction therapy and clinical nutrition.  Her mission is to restore the body back into optimum functioning: physically and physiologically.

Dr. Joyce's background as a competitive soccer player, runner, cyclist and yogi helps her truly understand the athlete in all of us. However, she has also had her own battles with sickness and knows the power nutrition has with true healing.

Dr. Joyce welcomes anyone who wants a higher level of wellness and health, including patients with chronic pain, sciatica, TMJ issues as well as many other conditions.    



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