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Baby fevers

I was referred to Dr. Norris by a friend and from my first visit I could tell that this was exactly where I belonged. There was no extreme push to make radical changes, just a realistic plan with milestones and encouragement. Dr. Norris was the first person to ever get me to make the change in my diet that needed to be made.

Not only did she help me but one of the other reasons I went to see her was for my son. He had been having reoccurring fevers (every 3-4 weeks) for about 18 months. Doctors had been putting him on endless medicine and since he had been allergic to milk as an infant I was always thinking it could be related but I was convinced otherwise. Dr. Norris encouraged me to go with my gut and reduce his dairy intake and he has been fever-free for 9 weeks.


I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that this little boy is able to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy just being a 3 year old without fevers ruining his day. I owe it all to Dr. Norris!

- A.L.

Terrible Pain

When I first went to see Dr. Joyce, I was barely able to walk and was in terrible pain. Dr. Joyce explained to me the many issues I was having and how they were all connected.

She has worked with me with deep massages, stretches and other practical good health recommendations. I am now able to walk and resume many of my everyday activities that I was not able to do. Just as important, from my first visit, she has given me hope and a positive mindset.

I have often said that she has been given a gift of healing. I am so grateful to have Dr. Joyce in my life. - L.G.

Years of back pain

Dr Joyce’s office has a friendly, professional and positive atmosphere. Dr. Joyce was able to relieve years of back pain in just one month! She has given me the tools to help myself stay pain free. I highly recommend “loving yourself” and visiting her practice. -D.D.

Kinesio Taping

I have been seeing Dr. Joyce weekly for deep tissue massage and Kinesio taping.  Dr. Joyce listens, takes her time to solve your problems, and succeeds without fail during each session.  She eases pain on the spot, and is highly knowledgeable in the musculoskeletal system.

Her understanding of the Kinesio taping technique is highly appreciated and I, for one, have been pain-free in my back since she’s been working with me.  I can’t recommend Dr. Joyce highly enough.  - B.S.

Real Results

Dr. Joyce is a breath of fresh air in the chiropractic profession.  She decided long ago to forgo the traditional chiropractic treatment protocol for her own combination of treatments and techniques, which have one goal in mind: treat the patient in a way that provides pain relief today and paves the path towards better health choices and sustainable improvement in function.  


Unlike most treatment-focused chiropractors, Joyce has become an expert at diagnosing and treating the most complex muscular and skeletal deficiencies and pains.  


Over the years, she became an expert at using tools, which transcend into the world of clinical nutrition, sports medicine, holistic healing, kinesiotaping, exercise and myofascial release.  The results are nothing short of amazing.  Her dedication to not only treat pain but to also teach and guide patients on the way to better health has placed her in a league of her own.  - K.V.


I have been to chiropractors my entire life to maintain my body. I've never been to a bad chiropractor, they were all good or great, but Dr. Joyce is rare. She is so thorough! I feel like she found imbalances in me that no one else found. I experienced relief and shifting on a deeper level than ever before. Thank you Dr. Joyce!  - D.S.

Muscle work

Sometimes chiropractic adjustments just aren't enough.  Dr Norris goes beyond and does a lot of muscle work to complement the adjustments.  And it works!!!!!!!

When you think nothing is going to help you, Dr. Norris does!!!!!


Before coming to see Dr. Joyce I was a mess. I suffered from sciatica pains in my lower back that ran down to my left leg and severe neck pain from pinched nerves. Due to the fact that I was only 22 at the time, this was not something that I was willing to accept and I was determined to find someone to make me feel “normal” again.


After the first treatment from Dr. Joyce, I already felt much better and I continued to feel better with every treatment thereafter. She used different treatment approaches aside from spinal adjustment. She would do things like muscle work, kinesio tape, and ultrasound therapy.  Her knowledge of nutrition and powerful hands gave me the exact thing I needed to heal me from the inside out.


I have gone to other chiropractors, but not one of them had the same finesse that Dr. Joyce has. I can honestly say that I am now pain free and only have the occasional aches that come along with everyday life. When this happens I know just where to go when I need to recharge.


The day I met Dr. Joyce my life changed for the better. I cannot count the ways that Dr. Joyce has helped me. Dr. Joyce has a heart of gold and is truly one of a kind.

- S.M.

Pain in head

This note is to attest to the relief I have received from Dr. Joyce Norris for the pain in my head I have had for at least 3 years.

From being told I had a cyst on my spine to the latest arthritis on my spine, no doctor has dealt with this problem successfully.

Since I started my sessions with Dr. Joyce, Sept. 16 (6 weeks ago), the pain above my eyebrows is down to a slight throb, and the really bad stabbing pain in my skull behind my left ear, has gone down to a dull ache. - B.H.

Pain in head

For many years I have been struggling with severe neck pain and mid back pain. Some days my hands would go numb and ice cold, and that's when I knew I needed to do something about it. I was referred to Dr. Joyce by a friend who had experienced neck pain similar to mine and found relief with her adjustments. 


I was truly grateful after my first visit; her level of care and understanding are exceptional. She did more than just adjustments, she also applied deep massage movements to improve the pain. 


My pain improved very quickly with her treatments, but not only did she help me with the physical pain, but as well she provided me advice and counseling on how to improve my lifestyle with nutrition and exercise tips. 

Now that I no longer have pain I still continue to see her to maintain the health and happiness she has help me restore in my life. 

Thank you Dr. Joyce. - M.C.

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